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Posted March 29, 2010

This fourth edition of Civic Matters, a journal about civic engagement by members of the Bryn Mawr College community, again brings together pieces by instructors, staff, students, and community partners as they think about the experience of crossing campus boundaries and engaging with the community beyond our borders …

On the Pleasures and Dangers of Professing Politics / by Matt Ruben

Posted March 29, 2010

These thoughts of geographical and class consciousness are never far from my mind, and they affect both what and how I teach. The professor-student relationship and the imparting of specialized academic knowledge no longer form the all-encompassing pedagogical framework they once did. I used to survey the faces in my classroom and see students, and then individuals. Now I see “people in the world,” in the deceptively simple vernacular of a good friend of mine. I see them as citizens who exist, wittingly or not, in relation to other people and places they’ve lived in, encountered, and never heard of …

Learning to Serve / by Vanessa Christman

Posted March 29, 2010

My mother’s matter-of-fact, Pennsylvania Dutch practicality was the primer by which I had been taught so many things, including civic engagement. Ours was not the world of charity balls and patrons. We simply knew that, if there was work to be done, we should lend a hand. Somebody had to …

“8,001 Ways to Partner Together”: Community Arts at Bryn Mawr and in Norristown / by Amy M. Grebe and Adrienne Webb

Posted March 29, 2010

Bryn Mawr College and ACPPA Community Art Center have been collaborating over the past year to bring a number of exciting arts opportunities to the College and to the Norristown community. Recently, a member of the Civic Matters editorial team, Julie Zaebst, had an opportunity to talk with artistic director Amy Grebe and student Adrienne Webb about their own work as artists and the “8,001 ways to partner together” that they have come up with over the past year …

Photo Essay: Art Gallery Opening, November 2009 / by Teresa Silva and Asia Hoe

Posted March 29, 2010

Below is a photo essay of the Art Club’s Art Gallery Opening, which took place in Arnecliffe Studio in November 2009.

Ukuhamba Kukufunda (Traveling is Learning): A South African Experience / by Laura Tate McHugh

Posted March 29, 2010

Through participation in various trainings and community organizing efforts, across lines of race, class, gender, and ethnicity and in solidarity with women from around the world, I saw clearly for the first time the imperative of interconnectedness in the ongoing struggle for social justice in what is becoming an increasingly intimate global community. As I listened to the stories of the women around me, learned from their experiences, and at times discovered surprisingly similar realities in the U.S., I began to reflect more seriously on the desperate need for collective, policy-driven responses and strategies to address global social problems …