Posted August 5th, 2009 at 1:05 pm.

The Civic Matters editorial team is pleased to present to the Bryn Mawr College community its third issue. Readers may notice that this issue has a different look and feel than previous issues. Last summer, members of the editorial team convened a small group of students, staff, and faculty to hear feedback and solicit suggestions for the journal. This group brought insightful perspectives, creative ideas, and a great deal of enthusiasm to the editorial team, which resulted in a number of changes to this issue.

Readers will, we hope, notice the color center spread, designed to increase the journal’s visual appeal. Another goal for this issue was to include a wider variety of articles as part of an effort to open the journal to a broader range of contributors. This is reflected in a number of pieces: excerpts from Page Walker Buck’s convocation speech and its companion piece, excerpts from a conversation that took place between Vanessa Christman and Chris MacDonald-Dennis on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2008; a photo essay by Dawn Bruton; and excerpts from an interview with Megan Bailey ’08 and Rebecca Woodruff ’08 about their experiences as Philly Fellows this year. Readers can now access Civic Matters online at to find the articles that appear in this issue and related audio recordings, photos, and links to further information. With these changes, the editorial team hopes to reach additional readers and encourage new contributions, inspiring broader thought and deeper conversation about the rich variety of civic engagement activities occurring in our community every day.

Editorial Team:
Gail Hemmeter
Julie Zaebst ’03

Julia Lustick ’09 assisted with copy editing for this issue.

Funding for this issue has been provided by grants from the Surdna Foundation and from the Corporation for National and Community Service’s Learn and Serve America Program through a partnership between Pennsylvania and New York Campus Compacts.

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